Created with Passion

The brainchild of founder Jerry Simpson, Grenadine Sea Salt is a luxurious gourmet finishing salt produced on the pristine island of Bequia, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As a commercial photographer and film director specializing in food, Jerry was immersed in the gourmet culinary scene the whole of his adult life. This, fascinated by the history of salt, and inspired by the natural resources surrounding him as a resident of Bequia, has led to the creation of a stellar brand.


Our Difference

Table salt and sea salt are both fundamentally made from salt taken from seawater, but that’s where the similarity ends. Table salt is highly ‘refined’ so that everything that is not sodium chloride is processed out for uniformity and mass production. The minute the seawater is boiled, and even some gourmet sea salt brands are, it loses its potent benefits.

Our Sea Salt originates in pristine waters surrounding this island paradise that is Bequia. The seawater is collected and delivered to our holding tanks, where it is then solar evaporated in our uniquely designed, patent pending stills, allowing us to provide the highest quality sea salt, free of any contaminants and retaining the highest levels of healthy minerals, essential trace elements and rich flavors specific to these waters.


Our Vision

At Grenadine Sea Salt we are food lovers, nature lovers and serious cooks. We remain steadfastly committed to Bequia’s naturally bountiful resources, this beloved local culture, and the creation of an exceptional product.

Part of our intention is to expand people’s thinking about salt as a flavor enhancer; you’ll get the best results when you use a complementary sea salt blend for your particular dish. That said, we suggest lots of ‘salt play’ and experimentation; you’ll be surprised at what tweaks your palate.



Our most exciting news is that we are in the process of renovating an old sugar mill here on the island dating back to the 17th century as both a production facility and learning center where we will host culinary workshops and salt tastings. Subscribe to our newsletter, Salt Matters, here, to stay tuned and receive fun facts, tips, recipe ideas, news of the Mill and all things relating to salt.