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Truly Wild Sea Salt

Natural, solar evaporated, & locally harvested.


Less Is More

Our salt is all about the processing, or rather, the lack of processing, and a creative vision anchored in the belief that the whole is, in fact, the sum of its parts.


The Grenadines

The paradisiacal island chain of St. Vincent & The Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean is an awe-inspiring country of natural beauty. Only 9 of the 32 magnificent islands that constitute this wondrous expanse are inhabited. It is here, on the tiny unspoiled island of Bequia, that our sea salt is farmed. This beautifully undeveloped group of islands, the Grenadines, boast a virginal ecosystem and a splendidly fertile, culturally diverse, and exceptionally friendly community. We’re proud to be contributing to the local economy here.



Our Blends

In addition to the original ‘Wild One’ finishing salt, we offer five unique blends, each featuring locally sourced ingredients from the Grenadine islands, for which they are named. We arrived at these creative combinations through much experimentation, adding yet another layer of fresh and innovative flavorings to our salts.



Health Benefits

Grenadine Sea Salt has been FDA laboratory tested to reveal less sodium and less chloride as well as higher concentrations of healthy essential minerals and trace elements than other leading gourmet brands.

Lab tests also indicated high levels of sulfate, a mineral key in boosting metabolism and the immune system as well as detoxifying benefits for a strong, healthy body as well as promoting heart endurance and vitality.