What are finishing salts?

Finishing salts differ from processed salts in flavor, texture, and appearance. With a higher moisture content than manufactured salt, our hand crafted sea salt it retains its crystal structure and does not have the drying out effect of table salt. Our salts are the perfect flavor enhancer, making everything taste better. Science supports this. Our brains aren’t able to detect many flavor compounds. By adding finishing salt to our food, our taste receptors can sense flavors otherwise undetected, literally exploding the flavor of any dish. This is why a high quality, hand-crafted finishing salt is a magical ingredient to any chef. It doesn’t cost more, it pays more, adding more value to a dish than any other ingredient.



How to Use Our Salts

In choosing which salt to finish a dish with, there are considerations beyond just flavor. Salt comes with its own visual aesthetics. Color and texture can factor in as much as flavor in choosing which salt to finish your dish with. Which color accents the food, which texture complements? In addition to the original ‘Wild One’ finishing salt, we offer five unique blends, each featuring locally sourced ingredients from the Grenadine islands, for which they are named. We arrived at these creative combinations through much experimentation, adding yet another layer of fresh and innovative flavor, texture and color to our salts. You’ll get the best results when you use a complementary sea salt blend for your particular dish. That said, we suggest lots of ‘salt play’ and experimentation; you’ll be surprised at what tweaks your palate.

Enjoy sprinkling the love!


Original Wild One

The Original Wild One is our pure gourmet Grenadine Sea Salt. It is our essential cannot live-or-serve-without-it Savory salt. With its’ organically intensified flavor and chunky texture, you don’t want to waste it in the cooking process. We recommend a sprinkling on any and all finished dishes, as it is a powerful flavor enhancer.


Bequia Coconut Blend

On our enchanted island of Bequia, drinking fresh coconut water is a daily ritual for many. From that inspiration, we combine the sweetness of coconut with the savory salty flavor for a mouth watering, deliciously healthful accent to any recipe. We like it on chocolate ice cream, brownies, watermelon, grilled fish, or rimming the glass of your favorite cocktail. *Helps to grind the salt finer for a more solid rim.


Mustique Mango & Lime Blend

Our Mustique Blend is a fruity mélange that’s crafted from local organic mangos and succulent limes. We encourage a sprinkle on sashimi, ceviche, gazpacho, salads, avocado toast or any of your favorite sorbets, ice creams and sweet treats.


St Vincent Turmeric & Chili Blend

Our St. Vincent Blend is a mouth-watering and health-benefit galore, savory spice blend. Turmeric, an age-old antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, combines with zesty chili pepper. Sprinkle it on grilled meats, fish, roasted vegetables, salads, pastas, fruit and one of our favorites: movie night popcorn.


Canouan Cinnamon & Nutmeg Blend

Featuring locally grown cinnamon and sweet nutmeg, this blend is particularly aromatic. Sprinkle it on fresh fruits, greens, poached eggs (our favorite!), French toast, chocolate bars, pies and cobblers, or spice up a warm wintry drink.


Mayreau Dark Rum Blend

This intoxicating blend stirs up island reveries of warm sandy beaches and languid sunsets. This blend enhances the flavor of all seafood, meats, poultry, vegetables and desserts, but our favorite combination is with fruit. Try sprinkling it atop your mango and banana smoothie, some pineapple wedges or with a finer grind, rimming the glass of your favorite cocktail.

Sprinkle The Love!

Our sea salts are available for individual and wholesale.